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This website contains information about what a professional MIGHT do when working on a car, and equally as important, why they may do it. If you have a something that you'd like to have added to this site, shoot me an email and we'll see about adding it. If you have a car, motorcycle, component, tool, project, or anything else of interest that you'd like me to write about, feel free to let me know about that as well.

I ask that you read the obligatory introductory page twaddle. It contains the disclaimer, copyright, legalese, and for those who stumbled in by search engine - the reason for this site.

This site is divided into sections and topics. Like many sites, it may be hard to find what you're looking for at first. Both this site, and the Mercedes-Benz Specification site are searchable.

Thank you, and enjoy.

AC Diagnostics AC Repair: Changing the Blower Regulator Alignment Spec - W208 Alternator Failure

AMG W202/W203 Production GPS Antenna repair Battery Checking Ball Joints, Tie Rods,
and Wheel Bearings

The argument against
cross-drilled rotors
Bedding-in Brakes Brake Fluid Brake Fade

Brake Rotors Brake Spec Mercedes-Benz Brake Switch Bumper Removal - W208

Camshaft Basics M113 Camshaft Specs Why CAN Bus? Carbon Fiber Makeover

Catalytic Converters Differences between the C43 engine CLK430 Capacitive Discharge Ignition Changing the cabin filter

What does this thing cost? What"s a CPO? Crankshaft Position Sensor Pin Assignment on a Data Link Connector

Heater issues & the Duovalve Dub Dub Dub comparison ECU Upgrades A little about exhaust design

Flexible Service System Changing the fuel filter
on a W208 CLK
Changing a fuel pump
on a W208 CLK
Headlamp Restoration

Why you may need a new radio Changing a factory
head unit / radio
Formula: Converting
Torque Specs
DIY Alcantara Headliner Installation

How to measure one's
head for a helmet
Horsepower Calculator Hype Incompetence

Fixing an intake problem
on a CLK430
Smart Keys: Changing the batteries and/or case Knock Knock:
Pre-ignition & detonation
Leather Color Codes

Removing side view mirrors Motor Mounts Mass Air Flow Sensor OBD Overview

OBD II Codes The "right" oil Snake Oil Bosch Oil Sensors

Oxygen Sensor Bosch Universal Oxygen Sensor Testing an Oxygen Sensor Pinging and why not
to use cheap gas

Polishing Parts Refinishing Leather Seats Multiple rev limiters Are modern Mercedes-Benz
and Porsche engines rebuildable?

Spark Plugs R & R the Starter Tightening Spark Plugs
Without a Torque Wrench
W208 CLK
Steering Gear Bolts

Sway Bars Cleaning the in-car
temperature sensor
CORRECT tire pressure Torqued versus Tight

MB 722.6 transmission
application guide
Complete Mercedes-Benz transmission
application guide
MB 722.6 transmission
power flow
Changing the valve body
in a MB 722.6 transmission

Used car buying tips Inspecting a used
More used car buying tips W202 and W203 AMG
production numbers

Zero to Sixty,
fact or hype?
Replacing a CLK Windshield Washer Motor Grommet W208 CLK by Kleemann W209 CLK by Kleemann

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